How to work with the Equinox Energy?

Today is the EQUINOX - the Beginning of Spring

The Celebration of Ostara is here, the Rebirth of Nature and the Rebirth of Ourselves as Individuals on the Path of Individualization.

The Sun has passed through all the 12 months/moons and all the 12 houses in the sky star map actualizing all the areas of our life (inner and outer worlds).

The Sun is ready to enter the sing of Aries once more, to usher our head/consciousness into the light. This is the perfect time to begin new projects, plant new seeds, be active, be brave and come out of our shell.

The Sun powers our life force and connects us with the inner child.

Work with these energies and you will start to gain more confidence in your actions and pursuits, and it will feel natural to start the new year in full bloom power.

How to work with the energies?

I was asking myself the same thing some time ago and I have come to find that if you use and engage with elements that are in the same frequency as the things I want to manifest those things will manifest easier because I am aligning myself with them, in other words, you will start to be focused and present at the right time and in the right place in your life.

As the Sun is going up again, align with it and rise every morning higher and higher in the sky.

Connect with the Sun s energy through a special mix of Sun plants (plants that relate and resonate in frequency with the Sun) carefully extracted in the rawest, purest form – the Sun Elixir.

Made out of plants like Rosemary, Bay leafs, St John’s wort, Orange, Januper fruits.

This elixir potion will increase the level of your confidence and your life force.

In terms of feminine/lunar energy, Spring is the perfect time to work with the energy of the Maiden.The Maiden has the energy of the child. Curious, brave, looking with enthusiasm at the fresh new starts and new beginnings that can be accessed once more.

In the Maiden Elixir we have combined the perfect plants in a spell for Eternal Youth, with Rosemary, Anise seeds and Verbina to access the Maiden energy.

I also recommend working with Mars energy, in this period, Mars being the ruler of Aries it will give you great moments of insight regarding your anger and how to transform it into will power and driving force, and also release the bonds of procrastination, clear depression and apathy.

Mars Elixir is a smooth combination of aromatic and therapeutic plants that are called Mars plants because they resonate with Mars energy. Plants like Nettle, Basil, Peppermint, Pine, Coriander, Ginger root, Maca root and Red Peppercorns are pressed and their nectar is extracted in the purest form in the Mars elixir.

For all of you that have Aries rising it is perfect time to take care of your body, move and to all you Aries Suns Happy Solar Return.