Magical Organic Skin Care products that will align you with the Moon - Pure Like Love

Magical Organic Skin Care products that will align you with the Moon

Self-care is a magical a practice! 

Indulge in self-care rituals with organic skin care products and align yourself with the rhythms of the Moon. The pure organic extracts that we craft locally by hand, from organic plants and seeds, will guide you in the discovery of your true nature and power.

Understand the patterns in nature and the energy flow that runs through your body with each phase of the Moon. For this 4 can align yourself with the archetypal Goddess Hecate and the three archetypes that she embodies: The Maiden, The Mother, The Crone.

The Maiden gives us the spark of excitement when we want to start new projects.

The Mother is the multiplier, the abundance and the protection of things, the nurturer and the diplomat.

The Crone is the wise one, the immortal one, the voice of endings and restoration, renewal and patience.

This organic skin care collection of pure plant extracts is here to help you gain power by being more conscious with every Moon phase and sooth your skin at the same time.

Your skin will look amazing and will have access to the full organic spectrum of bioactive substances in the plants, because the extraction method used keeps the extracts whole and alive.

The organic serums/plant extracts can act like an anchor for your holistic wellbeing. The experience of pure plant alchemy will make your self-care time a moment of pure magic that will change your perception on organic skin care products.

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Organic skincare -  Holistic proprieties of the Jasmine Flowers - Pure Like Love

Organic skincare - Holistic proprieties of the Jasmine Flowers

The holistic healing dimensions and powers of the Jasmine flower.

In honor of the Moon, we are going to explore the holistic healing dimensions and powers of a beautiful Jasmine flower plant, ruled by the Moon.

Jasmine acts as a natural antidepressant, kills bacteria, helps heal wounds, balances hormones and heals your skin. Jasmine extracts can be used to reduce anxiety, stress, depression, and menstrual issues – as the Moon rules instincts, emotions and water. It can be used to improve symptoms such as insomnia, palpitations, and irritability.

Jasmine flower extracts are commonly used in beauty products, specifically those for hydrating and improving skin elasticity. Jasmine can treat dry, aging skin and even acne scars.

Jasmine extracts can be used to confront emotional dilemmas, to address states of shock, trauma, emotional stress, low self esteem, or body image issues. A cup of jasmine infused tea can aid in stabilizing and processing your emotions, especially on a Full Moon.

Its floral energy is a mood-lifter for most people and often provides aphrodisiac qualities. It helps to dissolve emotional barriers and promote feelings of intimacy. As an anointing oil, Jasmine is used to facilitate the opening of the heart chakra, as well as the sacral chakra, third eye and crown. Incorporating Jasmine extracts in your ‘before bed’ ritual will bring deep sleep and prophetic dreams.

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