The Story Behing The Magic

On the lands of Iași, on the bohemian hills near the Bojdeuca of Romanian writer Creangă, a small workshop was founded in 2019. Here, Ami and Christian craft magical elixirs with love and intention. The two founders, started their journey in 2011, when they decided to walk on the natural path. They found inspiration in Nature and the Gnostic teachings.

” We are very happy to be able to create hand-crafted products that truly celebrate the gifts of Mother Nature. We want to offer people pure and magical products that create subtle connections between soul and nature.”

In order to extract organic and living elixirs, the founders chose to use a handmade press, through which the seeds and plants can be pressed together, slowly and carefully, collecting the elixirs drop by drop. The result of their patience and passion for nature are pure and holistic extracts of premium quality.

”We press manually over the seeds and with great force, so that the oil comes to the surface naturally. Then the oil is pushed further into the press through a membrane of selected plants, herbs and spices to personalize the oils with healing properties and direction.”

In ancient times, cold-pressed oils were considered nectar for the gods, because oils are indeed magical substances, and because the purest forms were obtained through hard work and not everyone had access to them. Today, MUSE Elixirs has a mission to share with the world the magic of living holistic oils and elixirs, witch have the same pure form as the oils extracted by priests and wise men and women in the ancient times and the same intention as then - to connect us with Spirit.

”MUSE Elixirs are intended to remind you of your true nature mirrored in the alchemy of nature.”

Founders Ami and Christian