Magical Organic Skin Care products that will align you with the Moon

Indulge in magical self-care rituals with premium organic skin care products, that align you with the rhythms of the Moon. The organic extracts that we personally craft locally by hand, from organic plants and seeds, will guide you in the discovery of your true nature and power.

How to align yourself with the the Moon? 

Self-care is a magical a practice! Please read along for we will present to you a sacred and organic way to align yourself to the Moon, in a natural holistic manner (body, mind, spirit). Self-care rituals can include organic skin care, ritual baths, meditation, movement, visualisation and mindfulness.

Manifest all that you can be!

Understand the patterns in nature and the energy flow that runs through your body with each phase of the Moon. For this you can align yourself with the Goddess Hecate and the three archetypes that she embodies: The Maiden, The Mother, The Crone.

The Maiden - Mother - Crone Archetype and the Moon 

The Maiden is the phase between the New Moon and the Waxing Gibbons, The Mother is the phase between Waxing gibbons and the Waning Gibbons and The Crone is the phase between the Waning Gibbons and the next New Moon.

The Maiden Archetype

The Maiden allows you to have enthusiasm for every new beginning. When things end, new things arise. Maiden gives us the spark of excitement when we want to start new projects.

The organic plant extract (skin elixir) made in her the Maiden s name is made out of pressing grounded hazelnuts together with anise, vervain, rosemary. These plants are resonating with the Maiden s spark of joy and divine protection.

The Mother Archetype

The Mother is the multiplier, the abundance and protection of things the nurturer and the diplomat the one who can gathers people together and makes everything around her bloom. The organic plant extract we made in the Mothers name is made out of Lavender Lemon and Sage these plants invoke sweet long life and the divine presence to create and nurture our emotions and the people and projects around us and make the right decisions that come along with abundance the ability to live long and prosper.

The Crone archetype

The Crone is the wise one the immortal one, the voice of endings and restoration, renewal and patience. The one who understands death and how to overcome it. The one who let s projects end, measures and restructures. The one who accepts the darkness because that's where you go to be able to rise again. The one who knows about medicine and healing and about the power of silence and pause. The plants used to invoke the presence of the crone are Linden and Sage. The 2 immortality herbs that teach us about renewal and regeneration, rhythms and time.

The Inner Goddess Rituals is an organic skin care collection of pure hand crafted plant elixirs that help align yourself with the phases of the Moon. 

This organic skin care collection of pure plant extracts is here help you gain power by being more conscious of every Moon phase and sooth your skin at the same time. It is very important to mention the fact that by making a habit/ritual out of the act of applying the pure plant extracts on your skin you will anchor yourself in the present moment more easily and have more control and focus on your thoughts and emotions.

The organic serums/plant extracts can act like an anchor for your holistic wellbeing. The experience of pure plant alchemy will make self care time a moment of pure magic that will change your perception on organic skin care products.

Your skin will look amazing and will have access to the full organic spectrum of bioactive substances in the plants, because the extraction method used keeps the extracts whole and alive.

Get your Organic Inner Goddess Actualisation Skin Care Set and you will also receive THE GUIDE on HOW TO USE these magical organic plant elixirs and how to introduce them in your self care routine to make your skin look younger while you are being more conscious of the changes that occur in your body with every lunar phase.

The Inner Goddess Rituals is an organic skin care collection of pure hand crafted plant elixirs that help align yourself with the phases of the Moon.