Inner Goddess Rituals

Inner Goddess Elixir Collection

*Maiden *Mother *Crone is a trinity set of organically extracted elixirs that were created intentionally to connect you with the outer and inner lunar rhythms. The elixirs can be combined together in a certain magical order, at certain times of the moon cycles for you to connect with your inner goddess.

The Inner Goddess Elixirs create a magical sacred experience around your moments of connection with the phases of the moon, your inner self and the goddess. These are organic herbal elixirs that have been pressed by hand to keep the organic bio active substances, in the plants and seeds, intact.

The Inner Goddess Elixirs work in a holistic way. Their action can be sensed on a physical level, the elixir is absorbed by the skin very fast and nourishes and reconstruct tissue, at a energetic level, they connect with our energetic field to heal our aura and at a spiritual level the plants have subtle power to invite and attract vitality, prosperity and wisdom.

The Inner Goddess Elixirs Trinity SET comes together with the Goddess Nutrition Lunar Menu for you to synchronize and maximize energy levels in each phase of the Moon with every meal.