The Magic of Spring Plants – Lilac Flower Blossoms

Name: Lilac, Latin Name: Syringa vulgaris, Gender: Feminine, Planet: Venus, Element: Water, Powers: Banishing, Protection, Love, Psychic Ability (Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs)

Lilac is a sacred Venus plant with flowers that bloom in the May and early June. There are different species of Lilac and they differ in color, that can vary from white, red, to purple and pink. Everybody loves them for their fragrance and is fascinated with the sight of the blossom.

People have used lilac flowers to banish bad energy doe to magical folklore, that is why they kept them around the house. They observed that the plant can endure through the harsh winter, so they believed that it carries a significant energy that can help you through the hardships of life. Lilac has the same quality of being able to overcome the harsh, heavy energies. If you are looking for a flower to represent a breakthrough of a difficult time, lilac is one of them.

Lilac flowers blossoms only last a short period of time so it teaches us the lesson that we must also not to cling to things, but let them transform and cherish every moment, every chance to love and pay attention to beauty. A five-petaled lilac is also believed to bring good fortune, and people often looked for them and wore them for luck in a glass vial.

This plant carries in its self a powerful energy that can influence your love life for the better and bring harmony and protection to the carrier and purification of spaces. Lilac flowers have the power to alleviate depression and increase relaxation. Also, Lilac flowers have powerful bio-active compounds that can be captured in oil to treat skin infections, and even as stomach disorders or fever reducer. Apply lilac infused oil to children’s belly to encourages them to grow in wisdom and knowledge.

Feeling stagnant, are you ready to bring some fresh air into your life? anoint your face, neck, wrist and cuticles with lilac infused oil to inspire new changes and help you make life-changing breakthroughs. Or perhaps you are looking for a short and flirty, casual summer love to pass those long summer days. Lilac is just the flower for this. Apply lilac oil on your wrists and neck so that you can find your summer love.