The Organic Pure Like Love Experience

WHO IS ? MUSE - Pure Like Love Elixirs

MUSE - Pure Like Love Elixirs is a small batch local brand of organic high vibrational oils and elixirs, from Iași. In the shop MUSE crafts products by hand, from real plants, herbs, spices, seeds and nuts, to create a pure like love raw experience.

MUSE is differentiated from the other brands, because it does not use metal or heat in the pressing process. Heat and metal are used to maximize production and quantity, but lowers the vibrational and nutritional value of the oil.

For MUSE the energetic properties and nutritional quality of the oils and elixirs are very important, so the focus it on keeping the original organic structure (prior to press) of the oil intact, by not exposing the nuts, seeds or plants to metal, heat in the process. This method of extraction is intentionally done by hand with patience, to emphasis the elixir s therapeutic and energetic properties.

Method of extraction for the MUSE Pure Like Love Elixirs

  1. Organic extraction

        Raw nuts, seeds and plants are minimally processed using only controlled application of pressure. We extract the oil and organic substances by applying pressure on the seeds and herbs, in a metal free (nonmetallic) environment, at room temperature (25-26°C).

        This process creates organic elixirs with high vibrational and nutritional value. The color, flavor and energetic properties of the elixirs remain unchanged and uncorrupted.

       1.1. Organic infusion

        The fresh pressed oil from the seeds and nuts is passed though the plant membranes inside the press and infuses it with all their beneficial organic components, (vitamins, mineral proteins, waxes, plant sterols, carotenes and antioxidants and essential oils present in the plants.

        The plants are specially chosen, to energetically and therapeutically match with the intention we want to infuse the oils with. This process adds an extra healing touch and turns the raw oils into magical elixirs.

MUSE Pure Like Love Mission

MUSE Elixirs hand crafts raw, high frequency elixirs, extra rich in organic bio active substances that protect and nourish you in a healthy and holistic way.

You can see here the story behind the magic.

MUSE elixirs are made to give you an energetic boost and to aide you into tapping the healing dimensions of deep connection with self and spirit through the power of plant spirits and with carefully focused intent, and visualization practice.

Listen to your calling and intuition! Plants are teachers that show us truth, translating to us the cosmic energies and connecting us with the rhythms of nature, to help us dive into our inner self and our true manifesting power.