Astro-Herbs Elixirs

As a Hermetic science, Alchemy follows the ancient dictum: As above so below; As within so without.

Alchemically, all of Nature, is a reflection of a higher order and that higher order reflects archetypes in all creation. Anything we observe or experience in the physical world is ruled by one of the planetary archetypes.

The Sun, like all heavenly bodies in the solar system, influences the earth and the things living inside it, with a certain frequency and energy. The currents of influence between the planets above and the things they rule on earth (including plants) can be studied, understood, and used at will.

Astro-Herbs Elixirs are alchemical oils made from plants and seeds that are carefully chosen to match the specific vibrational frequency for each personal planet in the solar system: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

In our magical shop, the extraction and making of Astro-Elixirs takes place on specific days and time soothed to the arhetypes we want to invoke. These elixirs are holistic anchors to better understand the cosmic rhythms embedded in us and in nature.

When used for healing, these Astro-Herb Elixirs (carriers of a specific planetary energy), bring not just holistic balance and harmony with the cosmic energies, but open us to a higher perspective of things and how we can master our lives and all its dimensions.