MUSE Chakra Healing Essences

When we want healing, we turn to nature, pure nature!

MUSE Chakra Healing Essences Elixrs are freshly crafted raw elixirs pressed from nuts and seeds, witch are infused with herbs, plants and spices. This product offers the holistic experience of a hand crafted product, while keeping its bioactive structure intact.

Take a special sacred moment to connect with yourself and the special chosen plants in these elixirs, that will nurture and guide you in a holistic way, in your healing journey through each energy vortex.

It's so easy to balance your bodie`s Chakra energy system, and increase our energy levels and manifestation power. Just make use of your intention, attention (focus) and visualization skills. 

Fill in this 10 min quiz to find out which of the main 7 chakras requires balancing and purifying :